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Wallet Business

The app that puts cashless payments and lifestyle services at your fingertips!

Instant wallet transfer!

Make instant secure mobile transfers to friends and family anytime, anywhere with loop. How Simple! Their mobile number is all you need.


Send and Receive locally!

With loop, it’s never been easier to transfer money within Saudi Arabia:

. Transfer to local bank account using your unique IBAN

. Receive money from local banks just by sharing your IBAN


Reach friends and family abroad anytime!

Loop app provides a secure and affordable international remittance solution. You can transfer money to bank account or even to be picked up in cash from supported agents worldwide..


Captain or Passenger?

With Take a ride feature you can be in the driver seat or the passenger seat at your own preference.


Scan & Pay

Make it a breeze for customers to transact with you! With QR code, payment is as quick and simple as Scan and Pay!

Loop is SAQR (Standardization of QR) certified so your customers can pay for their purchases from other supported digital wallets in Saudi Arabia.


Can payment be any simpler?

Tap on Phone allows you to accept payments from any contactless card or mobile wallet right from your NFC-enabled device. You can take advantage of this on-the-go solution to enable quick and convenient payment options.


Bring your staff on board!

You can easily add and manage your staff members with a few taps to start accepting payments!

What can my staff do with loop business?
▪ Receive payments using QR code.
▪ Receive payments using Tap on Phone (NFC).
▪ Requests for refund.


Bird's-eye view of your business!

With loop Business, you get data-driven intelligent reports that provide you and your managers with a real-time image of your business. This feature allows you to take informed and calculated decisions everytime and grow your business faster!


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